2017 Skyridge Football Season - Shae Goodwin

Why is the last games gallery locked? Well some people just aren't getting the big picture, LITERALLY!

 I have wrestled with this problem for a while now. If I do nothing I feel I am part of the problem. It is time to take a stand. Plain and simple, screenshots are stealing. Many of the players have photos with shaegoodwin.com across their face or action shot. They have posted them on social media and Hudl with little or no regard to the fact that they don't own them. They "took" them. This is not okay. It is not okay to screen shot any artists work and use it without either paying for it or having written consent.

I don't like being the teacher of this lesson. It is uncomfortable. However it seems to have fallen on my shoulders. A screenshot is stealing.

Let's review what these photos are about and why I spend my precious time taking them. Photos to me are valuable gifts and life treasures. I want the players to have their season documented. I want them to see themselves in their glory. I want them to love and enjoy what I am able to capture. I want them to have the memories. It is about them. It is also about some way less privileged kiddos in Haiti. The kiddos I am talking about are orphans and street kids that don't have many options in life. I have held these kids. I have cried with these kids. They have hopes and dreams for the simplest of lives pleasures and opportunities. Most of these kiddos only get one meal a day, if that. They don't own a pair of shoes and have no opportunity for schooling.

My hope, my dream is that if you like a photo or photos and buy them, I can then donate all the net proceeds to help as many of these kids as possible get a pair of shoes, a backpack and schooling for a year. TOGETHER we can make a difference! I want this to be a WIN WIN. I want the players to have awesome memories and I want some kiddos in Haiti to have an opportunity they wouldn't have otherwise had.

Please fans...if you like my work, please support the bigger picture. For those that have purchased from me this season, look for an email giving you the password to free unlimited downloads of this game. It is my way of saying THANK YOU for your integrity and support.